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Why Amanda Holden Swears by Revive Collagen as her 'can't live without'

Why Amanda Holden Swears by Revive Collagen as her 'can't live without'

Revive Collagen’s brand ambassador, Amanda Holden is a multi-talented actress, singer, radio host and of course, beloved Britain’s Got Talent judge. It’s also clear that she knows a thing or two about optimising her health and beauty.

Not only is it imperative for Amanda to look good when she’s on screen but the relentless workload requires energy, stamina, and focus. With so many commitments to fulfil, as well as a husband and two young daughters, downtime doesn’t factor into the equation either. That’s why Amanda’s such a fan of the best-selling Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Drink and is delighted to be our continued brand ambassador for a second year.

“Revive Collagen it such a natural fit for me and my lifestyle. I genuinely love the brand and take Enhanced Plus everyday as part of my beauty routine’”.

Amanda Holden Revive

Liquid Collagen: Beauty from Within

As the body ages, collagen, an abundant structural protein produced within the body, depletes and this occurs from the twenties onwards. Obvious effects include loss of skin elasticity and resilience meaning more fine lines and wrinkles develop. Not to mention that skin cells find it harder to retain moisture so the complexion can become dry, dull, and easily irritated.

Hair is another victim, often becoming thinner and less resilient. For a lot us of, our hair is our identity so it’s no surprise that changes to our hair and skin as we age can impact our confidence. 

Taking a daily liquid collagen drink enables you to help counteract the effects of natural age-related collagen loss. We only use high quality hydrolysed marine collagen in our products, meaning that the collagen is broken down into smaller components called peptides. This type of collagen is absorbed faster than ingestible collagen, and with consistent use, results are quicker and more visible.

This is my can’t live without every day,” says Amanda, referring to her Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus Drink which includes the largest dose of 10,000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen with added retinol, the ultimate anti-ageing ingredient, to promote skin renewal and a youthful appearance. “I won’t go without my daily dose of Revive Collagen – it’s my beauty essential which keeps my hair, skin and nails looking and feeling their best. It really helps with the thickness of my hair and strengthening my nails, plus it makes my skin more glowy.“


Revive Collagen: The Only Beauty Supplement You Need

Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus is the only beauty supplement that Amanda takes. She tells us that she doesn’t need anything else and it’s because the unique formula works by boosting the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid within the body. These essential skin components help dull and tired looking skin and fight the signs of ageing.

Amanda also likes the extra benefits that a clever combination of added vitamins and nutrients (B6, B12, C & D) bring to reduce tiredness and fatigue and contribute to the normal function of the nervous system, psychological function, normal red blood cell formation and function of the immune system.

Hydrolysed keratin, which has also been added to this formulation, is a gamechanger for hair, restoring strength, vitality and bounce and Amanda’s not the only one impressed by this all-in-one daily supplement.

“All of my friends swear by it and have noticed a difference in hair growth,” she tells us, and she’s even got her mum on board too. “My mum is well into Revive Collagen. She swears by it – her hair has got thicker.”

How to Add Revive Collagen to Your Daily Beauty Routine

“It’s a piece of cake to fit in,” explains Amanda, talking about the tasty tropical flavoured Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus Drink.

Presented in small sachets, these are perfect for home or travel. The best way to create a new habit though, is to do it alongside something that you do automatically, like breakfast, cleansing your face or travelling to work. “For me, it’s as obvious as putting on mascara”, she says, often drinking her liquid collagen drink straight from the sachet or popping one into her morning coffee before an early start on Heart Breakfast.

If you’re umming and ahhing about taking a liquid collagen, don’t put it off any longer. It’s so easy to add into your daily routine and just like Amanda, you’ll soon be noticing results and wishing you’d started a decade ago!

Shop Amanda Holden’s favourite collagen drink, Enhanced Plus here.
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