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Is Drinking Liquid Collagen The Best Method For Anti-Ageing?

The use of collagen as a beauty supplement has been around since the early 20s, but as we have since advanced in our understanding of what our bodies need, we have also found better and more effective ways of getting this all-important protein into our systems. 

With so many of us now having such a demanding lifestyle, we can find that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to think about what our skin needs on a daily basis. As we start to age, we will find that our skin will have more visible wrinkles and have less elasticity than it used too. This is a very natural process and it happens at completely different speeds for every individual. We all want glowing and radiant skin and in this article, we will be exploring liquid collagen and why it could be the best method to decrease the typical signs of ageing. 

What is Liquid Collagen?

Collagen naturally occurs in the body and acts as the ‘glue’ that holds us all together. This protein provides structural support to our bones, muscles and tissues. In addition, it's also what gives the skin elasticity, meaning that the more we have of this powerful protein, the more radiant-looking and wrinkles-free our skin is. 

Liquid Collagen

As we age our bodies naturally produce less collagen, which can mean that along with the new appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tones, we can also begin to see a lack of firmness.

We can all do things everyday, which can mean that our collagen levels don’t permanently drop, such as wearing sunscreen to protect our beautiful skin from harmful rays or even just limiting the amount of time we spend in the sun. 

Another method is to implement a beauty product such as liquid collagen into our everyday routines, which can help boost our overall production of this protein. Our Liquid collagen is designed to effectively replenish the natural levels of collagen which are already present in your body. 

How Does Liquid Collagen Work?

With many different types of collagen products on the market, it’s vital to understand how effective the different forms can be. 

For example, liquid collagen typically involves hydrolyzed collagen, which is much more effective than other collagen products.This is because, it means that the larger proteins have already been broken down, which overall saves our bodies an additional step when it comes to absorbing the collagen.  Other collagen products on the market are usually made up of only three amino acids, glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which when all alone do not result in a complete collagen molecule. Without a complete molecule present in our bodies, we simply cannot absorb and transport enough of this all-important protein.

What is Type 1 Marine Collagen?

By implementing our Type 1 Marine Collagen into your daily routine, it helps support your bones, skin and connective tissue. Our collagen is collected from ethically farmed fish skin, which is then broken down into small collagen chains. This process is called hydrolysis and results in collagen peptides, which is why it’s called hydrolyzed collagen. Marine collagen is classified as being a type I collagen, which is typically the most prominent in our bodies. We can find this crucial protein in all areas of our anatomy, such as our skin, bones, ligaments and even in our teeth, hair and nails.  

Revive Collagen

Our product has been formulated in Britain by some of the top  and best laboratories. We have strived for all natural and great tasting products, which means that adding liquid collagen to your everyday cup of coffee or morning glass of water is a simple, easy and enjoyable way to give your skin that radiant glow that we are after. Our liquid collagen is made with no added flavours, colours or sugar and is produced with the highest quality and industry standards.

Our team of experts recommend drinking a sachet everyday to aid your body in rebuilding and restoring your natural collagen levels. Each serving includes 8500 MG of Type 1 Marine Collagen per serving, enough to stimulate your organic production of this protein. 

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