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Best Time Of Day To Take Collagen

When is The Best Time of Day To Take Your Liquid Collagen Supplement?

Nowadays, there are numerous types of collagen supplements, including tablets, powder and liquid. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which may be the best one for you and how to incorporate it into your routine in the most effective and efficient way. A question that we get asked a lot here at Revive Collagen is about what the best time of day is to take your liquid collagen supplement and if it makes a difference to your results. In this article, we will be discussing it all!

Should You Take Liquid Collagen Supplements On An Empty Stomach?

There is a lot of debate around when you should take your liquid collagen. Should you be taking it first thing in the morning alongside your cup of coffee or in the evening before you go to bed? Much of the conversation around this topic comes down to what gives us the best results.

Some people argue that taking collagen on an empty stomach can improve the benefits you may experience.This may stem from the fact that you need stomach acid to digest any proteins that are in your body, so taking collagen on an empty stomach could enable you to break down the collagen more effectively.

However, it’s worth noting that you do not need to take liquid collagen on an empty stomach to obtain all the benefits. In fact, collagen supplements like Revive collagen are actually extremely easy for your body to absorb. As soon as the collagen enters the stomach, it’s broken down into peptides - these peptides are then absorbed through your gastrointestinal tract. Revive Collagen is already broken down for the body to absorb into the bloodstream, which makes it quicker and more effective than other forms of collagen. With a 90% to 95% absorption rate, its active ingredients work from the inside out to boost your hair, skin and nails from within.n.

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Take Liquid Collagen?

Revive Liquid Collagen has been made with your lifestyle in mind. When you purchase your chosen supplement from us, whether it be the Revive Collagen or the Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus, they both come in compact and transportable sachets which you can simply pop in your handbag to take on the go if needed. This is to ensure you can implement collagen into your everyday routine in the most convenient way for you. 

Liquid Collagen

Our easy-to-drink sachets also mean you don’t have to worry about where or what time of the day you take your liquid collagen. Whilst some swear by their morning collagen routine, some prefer it in the evening when they have time to unwind and enjoy their collagen as a moment of self-care,- in all honesty, it can work around your routine and it really doesn’t matter when you choose to take it!

How Much Liquid Collagen Should You Take In A Day?

Here at Revive Collagen, we recommend taking one of our sachets daily. Each one of our original sachets include 8,500 MG of Type 1 Hydrolysed Marine Collagen per serving, with Enhanced Plus including 10,000 MGs. By drinking just one sachet a day, you can help to rebuild and restore your collagen levels, which naturally deplete over time (1.5% a year after our mid twenties!). 

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